For Book Clubs

I would be honored to attend your book club, should you select The Dressmaker’s Dowry or Boardwalk Summer. If I’m in your area, I would be happy to visit in person. If not, perhaps we can Skype. Please contact me at to set up a Skype session. I recommend booking early so that I can fit you into my schedule.

I do not charge to attend book clubs, but I do request that every member purchases a copy of my book, whether on Kindle, Audio or paperback. Either is fine!

The typical book club format is usually as follows:

  • I arrive (or Skype in) 30 minutes after everyone else — to give everyone a chance to catch up, get a drink, and maybe have an initial chat about the book.

  • I talk for a short time (5 – 10 minutes) about my inspiration for the book.

  • I open up the discussion to the group. You are welcome to share your thoughts and ask questions.

  • I stay for 30-45 minutes and then sign off, leaving you to relax and chat.

Discussion questions can be found in the back of my books in the P.S. section. Please refer to these if you would like to.