Services For Authors

Query Letter Critique:

Cost: $50

“Meredith was a huge help with my query. I’d rewritten it a few times on my own but still felt stuck about the specific elements to include in my letter and how exactly to distill my story down into one page. Meredith’s line edits and comments were insightful and incredibly clarifying. After I rewrote it with her suggestions, the query letter was a million times stronger than what I wrote on my own using online resources!” –Kristin Offiler

You only get one chance to make a good impression. That chance is your query letter. It is the most important email you will ever send. Your query letter should be the best it possibly can be to give your book a shot at publication. Before you query literary agents, make sure your query letter truly represents your book. You want it to shine!

My query letter got me signed with my dream agent, Jenny Bent. Over the years, I have learned a lot about the query process, what works, and what doesn’t.

I would love to help you with your query letter!


A detailed email explaining what is working and not working with your query letter.

A Word document including line edits and notes on your query letter.

A Word document containing rewritten query letter to serve as inspiration for your new draft.

Note: I cannot guarantee you will sign with a literary agent. This depends on so many factors, including the quality of your writing and what editors are buying right now. But I will (hopefully!) help you get requests for your manuscript.

First Chapter Critique: 

Cost: $100

I will read your first chapter and provide a 1-2 page feedback letter summarizing its strengths and weaknesses. I will also include line edits within the manuscript. Agents usually ask for a first chapter, or the first 10 pages of your manuscript when they request to see pages. You will want these pages to be as polished as possible to make a great first impression!

Manuscript Critique:

Cost: $500

“Meredith KNOWS novel writing. She has a keen eye for plot, structure, motivation and character— and she is astute at recognising what isn’t working in your novel, and how to make it work. Meredith has read every one of my novels, and they are all much better for it. I highly recommend her services to anyone wanting to take their novel to the next level.”–Sally Hepworth

This is a developmental edit of your novel. I will read your entire novel and provide you with comprehensive editorial feedback addressing the manuscript’s strengths, weaknesses, and any specific concerns you have. I have been fortunate  to work with both my amazing agent and my editor at HarperCollins, so I know that good writing is rewriting!  I will provide feedback in an editorial letter ranging from 4-6 pages. The critique letter summarizes feedback on a range of issues including pacing, flow of narrative, voice, plot, structure, dialogue, character goal and character development.

Note: I do not accept nonfiction. Manuscripts must be 100,000 words or less. Manuscripts over 100,000 words will be charged an additional 5 cents per word. Preferred genres: women’s fiction, contemporary fiction, historical fiction, thriller, domestic suspense, Young Adult fiction.

  • Every service includes one follow up email for discussion and or clarification